Aspect of Each Wing at FHS


Throughout Farragut High School, there are several featured boards in each wing, providing information about the school and highlighting the accomplishments of students at FHS. Each aspect is uniquely designed by the teachers in their respective wings to add color, positivity, and life to the school. While some focus on lifting students up and giving them a spot to be highlighted, others provide useful material to educate people on clubs and upcoming events. 

Starting off in red wing, the English and Writing department, the teachers created a personalized Shout Out Wall and Selfie Board. The Shout Out Wall provides sticky notes for students to support one another by writing unique and positive messages. The wall has been well utilized, and it has many kind notes about the wonderful students at FHS. Alongside this, the wing has also instituted a selfie wall for students to send in creative pictures to brighten up the hallway. They can use a QR code provided next to the wall or upload their selfie to the specific Google form. 

English III teacher, Ms. Houston, expressed, “We wanted to personalize our hallway and give kids an opportunity to self-select and be featured.”

Next door to red wing, in the business and marketing hallway, the students of Mrs. Leslie’s class are getting in the holiday spirit! Along the beginning of green wing lies a 30 foot paper replica of the iconic train from “The Polar Express.” Each student in the class has a sweet photo from their childhood featured in one of the windows of the snow topped train. 

Moving on to the first level floor of FHS, in downstairs orange wing lies the “Admirals in the News!” board. The science department uses this to highlight all of the exceptional academic, athletic, and charitable acts made by the students. It is continuously updated as the Ads are featured in several articles in order to keep up with all of their outstanding accomplishments! This board gives kids a chance to be highlighted in their school and encourages others to set a good example for their fellow classmates. 

Finally, in the history department, there are featured posters creatively designed by each graduating class. Every year, as all of the students get a little closer to moving onto college, they get to create a painting describing how they feel in that year of high school. There are several in yellow wing, and as everyone heads to class they can admire all of the different classes and the history left by those posters.

Eugene Lee, a senior at FHS, stated, ”I think the posters add a really nice touch to the halls, which can often look boring sometimes. Overall, I’m a fan.”