The 24th Season of the Bachelor

The 24th Season of the Bachelor

Starting Jan. 6, the new season of The Bachelor is airing with Peter Weber, also known as Pilot Pete, despite some bachelor nation backlash. Bachelor Nation met Pete in season 15 of The Bachelorette when he met Hannah B. The two hit it off, and Peter made it to hometowns with the other remaining contestants: Jed, Tyler, and Luke. Sadly, Hannah sent him home heartbroken after hometowns, and Peter was left still searching for love. Hannah continued to pursue her journey with the other three contestants and eventually accepted Jed’s proposal. But after finding out about Jed’s cheating, Hannah was left single and in search as well. New previews show a drama filled season for Peter as Hannah comes out of the limo for introductions. Did she make a mistake? Does she want another chance? Will Peter take her back? 

Farragut High School guidance counselor and avid bachelor nation supporter Mr. Michel had some thoughts on the subject. He started watching The Bachelor between his junior and senior years of college — the summer of 2012. He had just gotten off a long shift of waiting tables and had a two hour break before he had to go back. 

“I wanted a show that would put me to sleep.” He found The Bachelorette thinking it would do the trick, but he never went to sleep. 

“And then I came home after work and dinner and kept watching.” He’s been a part of the bachelor nation ever since. 

He said, “It’s weird [that Hannah showed up]. It’s always weird when someone from an earlier season comes back for the new season, and it makes you think that maybe she didn’t make the right choice.” 

He said, “[Her intentions] are one of two things: either she realized that she messed up and that she actually wants to try to be with Peter, or she just wants more time in the limelight and wants people to talk about her.”

Mr. Michel said that he doesn’t have a strong opinion on Peter because he didn’t like Hannah’s season. 

“I’d rather have Mike Johnson be the bachelor because he seems like a good dude — plus he’s really funny.” Mike Johnson is a bachelor nation favorite and is very popular among fans. He was first seen on Hannah’s season and then again in Bachelor in Paradise season 6. 

“He never tried to do anything slimy in paradise and was very supportive of everyone there.” 

When asked about previous contestants he would like to see this season, he said, “Let me preface this: I watch the bachelor for pure entertainment.” 

“Corrine, Claire, and Caelyn because they all stirred stuff up, and they’re wild cards.” 

“And then I’d bring Tayshia back because I like her and Lauren B.”

Season 24 should be drama filled and one for the books, and you know Mr. Michel will be watching!