Farragut vs. West Basketball

Farragut vs. West Basketball

The Farragut Admirals got the win at home against district rival West High School. The final score was 53-38 Farragut. Farragut is currently 7-0, which is an excellent start for the program. As for the game, it might not have been a great offensive shootout, but a win is a win. Both teams could not find a rhythm offensively.

In team stats, Farragut seemed to outlast West. Farragut shot 37% from the field, 26% from downtown and 86% from the free throw line. West shot 36% from the field, 0% from the three point line, and only 46% from the free throw line. Farragut also had seven steals to West’s five. Farragut shared the ball a little more with 10 assists, while West had nine. Robby Geron, senior guard, had pros and cons on the team’s performance.

“Defense was huge for us. We only gave up two points in the first quarter. We can learn how to play against the zone better. West mainly played in zone, and we did not do as well. Hopefully, we can learn from this and play it better next time.”

Kaleb Vanacker, a senior, also had some comments on the game.

“It went ok. We didn’t play as well as we could, but we got it done. We just worked harder on the little things: getting loose balls, playing good defense, and making sure nothing came easy. It feels really good to be 7-0. It’s right where we want to be and it’s a good start, but we aren’t close to how good we can be.”

Farragut had two players in double figures, Robby Geron and sophomore Isaiah Smith. Geron put up 12, and Smith put up 14. Junior forward Jake Wallace also put up 8 points. Other scorers of the game were Dillion Atwell, Kaleb Vanacker, Elijah Brabson, and Carter Mayfield. When it came to rebounds, Jake Wallace led the team with seven boards. Geron and Vanacker both grabbed at least five boards. When it came to assists, only five players recorded at least one. No one had more than four in the game.

Farragut is doing quite well this year. They are already 7-0, but bigger games lie ahead for the team. They travel to Science Hill this weekend and then will play Tennessee High. Another big game coming up takes place next Friday against bitter rival Bearden. Bearden is the reigning state champion. These games will be a big test for Farragut.