Destressing for Finals Week

Destressing for Finals Week

As the end of the semester draws nearer, it’s not difficult for students at Farragut High School to feel the stress of finals. The American Psychological Association conducted its annual Stress Test in America survey, which showed that Generation Z is the most stressed and anxious generation to date. It’s important for students to find ways to relieve any anxiety that comes along with being a high school student. This will improve performance in school and overall mental health. Here at FHS, new administration has been putting efforts into place to make the school a more peaceful and less stressful environment. 

Finals week at Farragut high school creates a high stress environment for students. Finals make up 15% of our grade and affects our GPA. Students spend the majority of their time studying for core classes that are required to graduate. Carson Mansfield, a junior here at Farragut, talked to us about the finals week stress.

Carson said, “The class that stresses me out the most is marketing. I’m overwhelmed with all the studying I have to do for that class and my other core classes.”

It’s important to find ways to relieve some of the stress of school. Make sure to start studying for a test days in advance. This will prevent you from having to stay up late to cram for the test. 

Mansfield says that he “does small pieces of work at a time and creates a checklist. Being able to check things off makes me feel really accomplished.”

Miss Simerly, the senior class counselor, talked to us about ways to relieve stress.

She said, “Make sure you give yourself enough time to study and also make time for yourself. Being able to do things that you enjoy and having time for self care will make you feel better and less anxious.”

The school has also implemented things that could relieve anxiety for students and make FHS a more stress free environment. Buck, the habit dog, comes to school every Friday and students are able to pet him. Dr. Bartlett also famously put ping pong tables and foosball tables in the commons that make the school feel more inviting and fun.

To all the students taking finals and EOC’s soon, Miss Simerly has a few words of advice for you. 

She says, “Remember to get enough sleep and eat before your test. I know it can be stressful, but remember to relax and try not to get too overwhelmed. Try your hardest and remember to give yourself the credit you deserve.”