Bearden vs Farragut Mens Basketball


Bearden and Farragut are one of the longest standing West Knox rivalries, and on Friday night the Bearden gym filled up once again to see the battle of Kingston Pike. Farragut overall is 7-4, and has beaten teams like Alcoa and Carter. Bearden is only 5-6, but have played hard teams including Riverdale and Maryville. Since winning state, Bearden lost key star players including Drew Pember, Ques Glover, and Trent Stephany, all of which are playing D-1 basketball. 

Bearden’s star senior player of the game, Tyler Nordin, scored 30 points Friday night. While Robby Geron, senior at Farragut, scored 20 points to help the Ads.

Blake McClellan, a senior at Farragut and a fan of basketball stated, “Tyler Nordin and Robby Geron were definately MVPs of the night.”

The Dawgs and Ads were close the first half, and were only points away from each other throughout the night . After the third, Bearden scored 10 straight points, to pull the win of 57-41. The loss was devistating, but the fans of the Ads are just getting started. With a strong team this year, the students are excited to see what’s in store for this season.

When asking Blake what his favorite part of the game was, he said, “The crowd and how they were passionate about their school, and seeing the seniors play.”

The loyal fans of each team is what makes this rivalry so huge and instense. Every single student from each school shows up and shows out for their team.

As a senior, Blake says, “As seniors, we play more of a leader role by hyping up the crowd.”

The students at Farragut have high hopes for the Ads this year, and are showing their support along the way. Come see the Ads in action next at Farragut High School vs Austin East at 7:30 pm on December 19th for the 5-Star Preps Classic!