Senior Year Mid-Year Reflection


As the first semester of my senior year comes to a close, it’s funny to look back on how this year has been different than I expected it to be. Every kid always looks forward to their senior year, a time where everything is light-hearted and fun. I was no different. I expected this year to be a breeze: no school work, a solid group of besties, and a ton of fun. And it was. And it wasn’t. 

There was still school work, there was still fights with friends, and it definitely wasn’t always fun. There were stressful nights that were overwhelming and hard. There were days where I didn’t want to get out of bed. I was robbed of $100 and cried at school three times. There were days where it was hard to balance school, work, friends, and family. 

However, overall, senior year has been an absolute blast. I’ve never had so much fun at football games in the student section. This year we blasted music and always had a good time, even when the team wasn’t winning. Everyone dressed to all the themes in the most intricate outfits. Even when we were losing, we were high energy and loud. 

This year I also found a solid group of friends. When times were tough, I found a group of people to lean on. I solidified friendships with people who I will talk to for years to come. Senior year brought me a small group of people who love and care for me, and I am so thankful for that. I know that even when we walk out those doors in May, their names will still pop up prevalently on my phone. 

I have taken classes that I have loved. I made a gingerbread house that earned $175 at the Fantasy of Trees. I made two podcasts in Journalism, and learned how inflation affects the economy. (I also learned that I will financially never make it through college in Personal Finance). I traveled to Pelissippi and got a taste of what it’s like to be a college student. I learned international business meal etiquette and what “julienne” means in Nutrition. 

First semester, I went to an Ariana Grande concert, listened to music during lunch, made at least 15 Tik Toks, went to Guatemala for the fifth time, won “Most School Spirit,” and drove to five away-football games. I went to Young Life camp twice, went to the beach, had spa night, watched Farragut beat Bearden, and worked approximately forty-five shifts at Connors Steak and Seafood. I got my nails done three times, accidentally dyed my armpit pink twice, went to Nama four times, and turned eighteen. 

I did a lot of things this semester, and cannot wait to do more next semester. Class of 2020: seven down, one to go.