Harry Styles Releases Second Solo Album ‘Fine Line’


Last week, on Dec. 13, Harry Styles released his long-awaited album Fine Line. Almost immediately after its release at midnight Friday morning, Styles’ album was found at the top of the charts in the U.S, and rightfully so. Fine Line is Styles’ second solo album since One Direction announced their hiatus in 2015. Unlike his first record, Harry Styles, Fine Line gives listeners an honest glimpse into more of his personal life with a psychedelic indie sound. 

Although extremely different from what fans are used to hearing from Styles, Fine Line is a beautiful record with something for everyone. The songs range from acoustic, ‘70s soft-rock, R&B, and even a piano ballad sure to bring on the tears. Most of the songs discuss Styles’ experiences with love and the heartbreak that can sometimes come with it. 

Styles in his music video for “Adore You”

When asked about the difference between his first album and this one, Styles said, “It all just comes down to I’m having more fun, I guess. I think ‘Lights Up’ came at the end of a long period of self-reflection, self-acceptance.” He adds, “And I just feel more comfortable being myself.”

Fans of Styles are overly excited about his new feeling of acceptance. On Styles’ world tour in 2018, audiences got a glimpse into the Harry Styles that wore designer suits and danced around onstage without a care in the world. Now, Styles’ confidence seems to have grown even more, and fans could not be happier. 

Inspirations for much of this album, Styles has said, came from legends like Harry Nilsson, Paul Simon, Van Morrison, David Bowie, and, of course, Fleetwood Mac. Styles has been a close friend of Fleetwood Mac and especially the iconic Stevie Nicks for a great deal of his career. On the night of Fine Line’s official release, Styles held a concert at the Forum in Los Angeles and surprised fans by bringing Nicks onstage to sing Landslide. Along with his sold out concert, Styles has also hosted The Late Late Show with James Corden, hosted and performed on Saturday Night Live, appeared and performed on both The Graham Norton Show and The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and has been featured on multiple radio shows. All of the success and press regarding his new record within the weeks prior and post the release is insanely impressive. 

Harry Styles and Stevie Nicks onstage at the Forum in L.A.

Styles expresses his gratitude and pride over the album through social media, as do millions of fans. Fine Line is a record that truly shows Styles’ hard work and love for the music he creates. A new album featuring many characteristics of the psychedelic ‘70s, but still managing to capture the feeling of 2019. A record to be listened to hours on end. Thank you, Mr. Styles, for gifting this masterpiece to us all.