The Patriots Were Caught Violating the NFL Rules Because of Videotaping

The Patriots Were Caught Violating the NFL Rules Because of Videotaping

Last Sunday the Patriots easily beat the Bengals with a score of 31-14, but a controversial incident occurred before the game. The week before in the Bengals vs. Browns game, a person named Dave Mondillo and his film crew were taking a video from the press box of the Bengals sideline and defensive coordinator. Doing this is a direct violation of the NFL’s rules which resulted in an investigation to take place.

The situation is still under investigation and the Patriots have several other previous scandals before this. In 2007 the Patriots did this same thing videotaping the New York Jets and this was known as ‘Spy gate’. In this occurrence coach Belichick was fined $500,000 and the team was fined $250,000. They were also involved in the deflation of footballs known as ‘Deflate gate’ and believed it wasn’t handled correctly by the league. These previous events could make the punishments and ramifications for the Patriots much worse.

When Belichick was asked about what had happened, he claimed that he wasn’t aware of the Patriots scouts at the game.The film crew stated that they were videoing an advanced scout and when the footage was released this was clearly untrue. The Patriots temporarily suspended Mondillo and although the investigation is still going on, they are likely to receive a fine in the hundreds of thousands of dollars range and lose draft picks. The relationship between the Patriots organization and the league is weakening because of prior affairs and their current problem. 



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