Five Ways to Spice Up Your Winter Closet


Do you find yourself wearing the same old sweater every year simply because it is comfortable and you don’t know what else to wear? Do you wish you could change it up and wear something else? Do you know where to find inspiration? 

Good news! You’ve found it. Here are five new fashion trends for the upcoming winter: 


1. Big jackets (puffy, trench coats, etc)

Everything this winter is over-exaggerated and large. Jackets are no exception. Trench coats have dominated New York street style and have leaked into everyday style, with stores like Target carrying them now. Puffer jackets are also huge this winter. Puffer jackets add volume to an outfit and make somebody pop and stand out. 


2. Two-toned pieces

Many pieces this winter also have two tones. Jackets, pants, sweaters, and blouses all have two different colors featured on it. This adds dimension to a piece and is really cute!


3. Neon

Neon is one of the biggest trends of the winter. Bright colors are especially big in shirts and blouses, but also come on leggings, pants, and shoes. These bright colors are usually matched with opposing colors, to make looks that stand out. 


4. Headbands 

Headbands with pearls, jewels, and padding have become huge this winter. Popular stores like Free People, Madewell, and even designer brands like Chanel and Gucci have adopted this look. It is a cute accessory that adds shimmer and shine to an outfit. 


5. Neck Scarves

Neck scarves have also resurfaced this year. This 1950s trend adds a reminiscent aesthetic appeal. These go well with jean jackets, dresses, and low-buns.