Coronavirus: Possible Pandemic

Coronavirus: Possible Pandemic

Coronavirus is a viral outbreak that began in Wu Han, China in January of 2020. The new respiratory disease replicates common cold and flu symptoms like fever, cough, and shortness of breath. Scientists are unsure of the origin of the virus, but suspect it came from animals like bats, seafood, and wild animals sold in markets. 

Recently the United States CDC declared the virus a public health emergency and issued a travel warning to parts of China. Government employees at the Beijing Embassy were evacuated, and the government is barring foreign officials from entering the country. In the states, there have yet to be any deaths due to the virus, but eight people have been diagnosed across five states (most recently in Massachusetts). However, National Security Advisor, Robert O’Brien, claims there is no reason for panic. The virus has also been confirmed in 25 other countries and territories worldwide. Last week, one person in the Philippines was diagnosed and later died. It was the first death outside of China. 

In China, 60 million people are under lockdown in Wu Han, and other neighboring provinces. There have also been more than 300 deaths in China and over 14,000 confirmed cases. To control the outbreak, the Chinese government has quarantined several provinces, advised people to stay inside, and even built a hospital in ten days. The hospital is located in Wu Han, and is specific to treat those diagnosed coronavirus. 

Other countries are pitching in too by sending supplies and other aid. Many countries have stopped flights to China until the outbreak is under control. 

Scientists are working diligently to develop a vaccine for the virus, but there is no luck yet.