Plastic Surgery


Plastic surgery is the restoration, reconstruction, or alteration of the human body.

Plastic surgery is unnecessary and a waste of money. People go through the process of plastic surgery to change the way their physical appearance looks. Although it is important for people to be comfortable with how they look, surgery is not the answer. There are other temporary fixes to help people feel more confident in their look. Also, the alteration of someone’s physical look is not worth the amount of money it costs. According to American Society of Plastic Surgeons,

“Breast augmentation: national average cost of $3,719
Liposuction: national average cost of $3,200
Nose reshaping: national average cost of $5,046
Tummy tuck: national average cost of $5,798
Buttock augmentation: national average cost of $4,356.”

The risks alone are a great reason to be against plastic surgery. An obvious risk is that the surgery may turn out different from expected and end up looking unattractive. The most evident error is the visual droops and exaggerations of the skin and body. This is typically seen in botox, lip filling, face lifting, and breast lifts. According to the Mayo Clinic, another risk that could result from the procedures of plastic surgery is “numbness and tingling from nerve damage, which may be permanent.”

This risk is particularly dangerous because feeling could essentially be lost in the area of the body where the surgery took place. If this happens to be in an important area that is used everyday, the person who underwent the surgery could struggle to use and have feeling in that body part. For example, if a woman purchased lip injections and the procedure caused nerve damage, the woman could suffer from extreme numbness permanently.

All in all, the idea of looking perfect is wishful thinking. Cosmetic plastic surgery is a waste of time and money for results that may not come out as expected.