Possible Cure for the Coronavirus?


There have been recent developments for a cure to help fix the rapidly spreading coronavirus. Mike Freeman from the Los Angeles Times states that Inovio Pharmaceuticals has developed a cure for the coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, out of one of its labs in San Diego. While the company has created a cure, it is very much in the early stages of development and will have to pass clinical trials before it goes on the market. There are over 63,000 cases of coronavirus since it was discovered back in December. In addition, the World Health Organization has stated that 1383 people have died from the virus. The virus is believed to have originated from the Chinese province of Wuhan but has quickly spread into neighboring Asian countries and even to the US.

Inovio is a company based out of Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania and has previously worked on cures during the Ebola and Zika outbreaks. In the events of the coronavirus, Inovio received a $9 million grant to find a cure from the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovation, whose mission is to create vaccines to combat potential epidemics. Inovio is working on getting approval for preclinical development for the summer and is gearing towards phase one human clinical testing. Inovio is also partnering with Beijing Advaccine Biotechnology Co. to start phase one trials in China as well. 

However, in the wake of these developments, many people are skeptical about the effectiveness of the vaccine. Andrew Dunn from the Business Insider is reporting that scientists believe it will take years to develop a proper vaccine that will effectively cure the coronavirus. Many drug companies extensively research solutions during an outbreak as many companies are in it for the profit. Hence many companies state that cures are being found, but often are not ready to be sold. Dunn also mentions that most outbreaks take place in developing countries, which is another obstacle when trying to sell vaccines as those countries do not have the money.

Dunn reported that the director of the Mayo’s Clinic Vaccine Research group, Dr. Gregory Poland, said, “When people get up there and say we are going to have a vaccine in months, it is misleading.”

Poland claims that having the vaccine approved in the U.S. would not only take years to progress, but would also cost around $1 billion. Experts say that finding a cure for the coronavirus can be very valuable and can help fight future outbreaks. Recently, major companies such as Johnson & Johnson and Moderna have displayed plans for a vaccine. All in all, many experts believe that a cure for the coronavirus will likely take years rather than months to properly develop.