The XFL: The Newest Football League


The XFL is a new professional football league made and run by Vince McMahon. This is the second time the XFL has been around; the first time it started on February 3, 2001 and ended 10 weeks later in 2001. With no success the first go around they are trying again in 2020 with 8 new teams. Lots of ex-NFL players are in the league with hopes to make it back to the NFL. The league is off to a terrific start and has a ton of new rules that encourage more exciting play. 

With the XFL starting last week it showed it is an exciting league. With the new week upon us we have 4 new games. According to, the Houston Roughnecks beat the St.Louis Battlehawks 28-24 with an astonishing performance by P.J. Walker who threw 3 touchdown passes to lead the Houston roughnecks to a 2-0 record. 

Also according to, the other games this week included the Dallas Renegades triumphing the Los Angeles Wildcats 25 -18 to improve to 1-1. A notable performance by Wide receiver by Donald Parham with 5 receptions for 76 yards and a touchdown. This was an exciting game with scores changing back and forth but in the end the renegades got the win. The final game of the week included the Seattle Dragons overcoming the Tampa Bay Vipers 17-9 in a relatively low scoring affair. 

In conclusion these were 4 good games and the XFL is off to an amazing start. This is an energetic, and exciting league and hopefully it lasts longer than 10 weeks this time. We look forward to next week’s games. The XFL fills the gap left by the end of the NFL season and is a perfect solution to the long wait football fans have had to endure in years past.