What You Don’t Know About the Comedy Improv Team


Many students at Farragut High School have at least heard of the Comedy Improv Team, but not many of them  know what it really is. Despite the team’s strong advertising efforts, there is a lack of awareness of what actually happens in a show. Therefore, people fail to show up. The team has made it known that they wish to sell out their first show on Friday, March 6th. To help spread the word, two students who know their fair share on comedy improv have spoken up about how it works and what to expect at a typical show. 

Caroline Butler, a junior at Farragut High School, has been on the Comedy Improv Team for six semesters now and is here to offer up her knowledge of the art.

When asked to summarize improv as simply as possible, she replied, “There are a bunch of different games that we play and transform into scenes. Every game has different rules, and no one knows who will be in it or what the location is until right before.” 

She explained that, despite what some people claim, “None of the content in the show is rehearsed. We practice by running through how all the games work and making strong characters and conflicts within a scene. It’s all about knowing what makes a scene interesting.”

Team members running through a game called “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly” during practice.

Her favorite part about improv is “…the unexpectancy and variety of it all. You never know how a scene is going to play out. It’s also just really cool to have this creative outlet and put myself out there in a strange, but super fun way.”

Ellyx Martinez, a senior at Farragut High School, is a fan of the team and has been to many shows over her time at the school. 

When asked to explain what she loves about the shows, she gushed, “They are a great time for everyone to come together and have some great laughs and watch our classmates in their element. They keep the audience involved and it is very entertaining from start to finish.”

She describes her favorite game called “Love Letters” as, “Two people pretending to send love letters back and forth to one another. It’s so cool to watch them curate a fake relationship on the spot. They are always able to make the game new and unique every time.”

Both Martinez and Butler both have great things to say about the improv team and the impact it has had on them. To find out more about the Farragut Comedy Improv team, come out to their first show on Friday, March 6 in the Ferguson Theater. The show starts at 7:00 p.m. Tickets are only $5, so come support the Admirals and have a good laugh!