Seniors Reflect on their Basketball Career

Seniors Reflect on their Basketball Career

As the 2019-2020 Farragut High School Basketball season comes to a close we asked a couple of our senior boys how they feel like they did this past season, and over their career as a whole. We caught up with Noah Pack and Jack Wrapp, two senior guards who have played for Farragut all four years of their enrollment. Over the span of their careers both Jack and Noah hoped that they had more than just an “on-court” impact.

“If I can play all 4 years than hopefully someone else realizes they can do whatever they want to do,” said Noah Pack.

With the class of 2020 graduating soon reminiscing over the past memories was nothing new for these two. We asked them what their favorite “in-game” memory and they both quickly agreed upon one. They both recall the last game they played against West. In this game there was a series that involved both Jack and Noah “glassing” an opponent. Glassing is the act of blocking a shot of the backboard, one of the more demoralizing plays to be on the receiving end of.

When asked what the most memorable student section performance was, Jack Wrapp quickly replied, “The last Bearden game. The ESPN desk and the suits were flame, and the chants were some of the funnier ones I have heard since I have been here.”

Noah was not far behind with his answer, “I think not only was the look of the section that was good, but there was a large crowd and all of them seemed to participate.”

Now when racking your memory about the past four you can’t just think of the good times. There are always negative things that happen and one of those things is not beating Bearden once in the four years both these players attended.

“Not beating your rival once, but coming so close this year is what really sucked” said Noah Pack

“Yeah the refs really sold us this past game. I just hope we get one more chance at them in the playoffs” said Jack Wrapp.

When I heard these words it showed me just how competitive these guys are.

“It’s hard to lose the biggest game of the year everytime. But credit to the fans, there is never a dead crowd at those necks,” said Noah Pack

According to these players, when you throw on the uniforms, it’s more than just playing basketball. You are representing the players that played before you, your coaching staff, your administrators, and every fan that is standing in the stands. These players have more to prove and since they beat Hardin Valley last night, they are a win away from having the opportunity to play Bearden and to finally prove what they want to. That they can, should have, and hopefully will beat Bearden.