Students Receive Numerous School Days Off in Knox County

Students Receive Numerous School Days Off in Knox County
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Flooding in certain areas of Knox County caused schools to close on multiple days.

2020 has thus far been a prolific year in Knox County for providing days off of school. As the clock ticks into March the students of Knox County have only been in school one full week this semester. There have been instances of inclement weather, national holidays, and increased absences due to illness that have constantly changed the school schedule.

According to Knox News, in January, schools were closed three days due to illness causing a spike in attendance issues. In February, flooding and severe, harsh weather caused four school closures and two delays so far.

There have been questions regarding whether the days off have been rational or not. It seemed excessive in some instances to cancel school and on other days people were begging to take school off for they could barely leave their homes.

Knox County is one of the largest school districts in East Tennessee with about 57,800 students and about 8,300 employees. Deciding on how to make a decision over all these citizens, concerning 88 schools, is never black or white. While some areas in the county are completely unaffected, others are far too dangerous to maneuver. 

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Sickness caused a decrease in attendance throughout all grade levels in Knox County

Students have no complaint on all these days off, in fact students were the biggest advocates for receiving a “vacation” off school.

Junior student at Farragut High School, Kiki Smith, stated, “I liked having all the days off this year. I adjusted to the schedule so easily.”

This was a trend among plenty of students, stating only the pros of having so much time off.

Olivia Rawson, another junior at Farragut High School, says that, “It’s always nice to have a break to catch up on sleep and chill.”

However, while these days off have been nice for sleeping in and having the day off, they have also pushed back teachers’ plans. Especially in academic classes, teachers are rushing to cover the curriculum they planned for, while students try to catch up. 

When asked about the subject, Rawson talks about her math class, claiming, “We move at a fast rate in that class to prepare for TNReady. Not having class puts us behind because we are not taking notes and learning new things.” 

All in all, the numerous days off of school have both positively and negatively affected students in Knox County Schools. The question now is: will there be even more changes to the already hectic schedule due to school closures for flooding, snow, or sickness?