Week 9 Bachelor Recap

Week 9 Bachelor Recap

Week 9 of The Bachelor aired February 24, 2020, and it was one of the most drama filled episodes yet. Last week’s home towns showed cracks in Victoria and Peter’s ability to communicate, while it further enhanced his relationships with both Madison and Hannah Ann. Madison reveals to Peter how hard this coming week is going to be for her, and explains her expectations for Peter. Week 9 starts with the remaining 3 women: Victoria, Hannah Ann, and Madison. This week, to say the least, was extremely awkward; all three women were staying together in 1 hotel suite. 

First up for dates this week was Hannah Ann. She and Peter went jet skiing in the waters of Gold Coast, Australia, and finished the evening with a romantic dinner, then headed to the fantasy suite. 

Back at the hotel Madison and Victoria worry about where they stand with Peter, and what this week means to them. When Hannah Ann returns to the hotel after her night with Peter, Victoria gets ready for her date. Madison and Hannah Ann stay behind, and Madison explains a faith-based commitment she has made for herself, and her expectations for Peter during fantasy suite week. Meanwhile, Peter takes Victoria on a helicopter ride to see the beautiful beaches of Australia, but things get a bit awkward at dinner when an argument breaks out and Bachelor Nation begins to see the cracks in the communication ability in their relationship. But Peter and Victoria clear everything up and end up going to the fantasy suite that same night. Victoria returns from her date the next morning, and last up is Madison. 

Peter takes Madison to the tallest building in Gold Coast, Australia, and the two climb to the top together, and gaze at the people and city below. When dinner starts, Peter and Madison begin to discuss the conversation about expectations that they had the previous week. Madison confesses that she would not be able to move forward with their relationship if Peter had spent the night with either of the other women. Peter admits to not meeting her expectations, and the night ends with lots of tears. The episode ends with Peter asking Madison not to leave the show, but shows her turning around and walking away from him. 

Next week’s Women Tell All gathers all 30 women from the beginning of the season to hash out and discuss their issues and concerns throughout the season. The preview shows lots of arguing, so Bachelor Nation can expect drama a filled episode next week. There are only a few episodes left so be sure to tune into the Women Tell All and the season finale of The Bachelor, you won’t want to miss it.