Is “Fortnite” Dying?


Since its release over two years ago in 2017, “Fortnite” has amassed billions of dollars as an online free-to-play battle royale video game. Such a phenomenon in popularity and profit has never been seen before in such a small period of time. With the release of “Fortnite” Chapter 2 – Season 2 on Feb. 20, many wonder how long this success will last and if “Fortnite” is indeed “dying.”

To answer these questions, one needs to analyze the history and statistics regarding “Fortnite.” According to Business Insider, Fortnite has a total of 250 million accounts; however, this number does not represent the total number of active players, but instead accounts created. The same source claims the game made $1.8 billion in 2019, which is 28 percent lower than its 2018 revenue. Even though “Fortnite” has less active players and is making less money than it used to, this by no means indicates the game is dying.

Epic Games, the developer of “Fortnite,” has continuously produced and sold additional content for players since its release. The majority of their revenue comes from microtransactions, in-game purchases gamers partake in for optional, and additional content. In this case, “Fortnite” earns its microtransaction revenue from their skins, outfits, and other customizable options for players. The fact that it still earns this much money is a great indicator that the game is still alive and healthy. Epic also hosts several tournaments and competitions every year, and its second “Fortnite” World Cup is scheduled for July 2020. With so much invested in competitive play, it does not appear that “Fortnite” will die anytime soon.

Overall, though “Fortnite” is seeing lower income and a less active player base, the game’s overall popularity by no means signals that it is a dying game. The success “Fortnite” originally saw triumphs that of which most games achieve, and as long as “Fortnite” continues to bring in such high profits, Epic Games will continue to support it.