Knoxville’s New Urban Wilderness Gateway Park Project


To many residents of downtown Knoxville, the Urban Wilderness is a staple of the blend between city and backcountry that makes Knoxville such a distinct place to live. Back in 2015, the the city of Knoxville won a $100,000 grant that solidified Baker Creek as the center point for the Urban Wilderness with brand new features and new trails. Now, in 2020, the Knoxville chapter of the Appalachian Mountain Bike Club was given a $12 million grant to revamp Baker Creek and make it home to the brand new Urban Wilderness Gateway Park. 

According the Knoxville’s website, AMBC’s final plan is to create a park that can encompass the likes of biking, hiking, climbing, and racing. For the Gateway Park, this includes pump tracks, jump tracks, and a biking/walking trail spanning from the end of James White Parkway to the entrance of Baker Creek. For competitive bikers, there are new host of opportunities for different varieties of racing in Knoxville that haven’t been seen before. Trick competitions are likely to become a new event seen in the future for more seasoned bikers. For beginners, there are also a host of new opportunities to get into the sport of BMX and mountain biking. The AMBC plans to build different tiered pump tracks to suit different skill levels in order to allow for a fun and comfortable experience for anyone who is looking to ride.

Those who are looking to get started into the sport of biking and hiking should look to the Gateway Park as an excellent way to introduce themselves to the community of these sports. Since the park is intended for all skill levels, beginners will find themselves right at home in an environment where they can grow and learn about whatever they are trying to get into. 

The new renditions to the existing biking facilities in Knoxville are sure to draw a lot of attention and bring exciting new options to those who love outdoor sports. Although some sections of the park are still under construction, many trails are still open and ready for riding, giving bikers of Knoxville plenty of time to sharpen their skills for when the new facilities open to the public.