Anticipation for Farragut’s Upcoming Baseball Season


As we approach the start of the baseball season, the baseball team of Farragut High School has been doing much to prepare. They are conditioning, scrimmaging, and creating a unified team. Farragut’s baseball team has a very difficult task, upholding their deferent reputation and glorious victories. The Farragut Admirals had an illustrious season in 2019. The team had an overall record of 42-3, so the pressure is on for the season that begins next week. The baseball season kicks off with the first game on Monday, March 9 to be exact.

Farragut’s program is comprised of 47 players and their coach, Matt Buckner. The team lost many great players at the end of the previous season. Although the team may be seen as weaker due to their loss, they are more than making for it! 

We spoke to Farragut Baseball player, Hayden Root, over the preparation the team is undergoing to lead them to success this season.

Root stated, “The team as a whole has been exercising everyday since the beginning of the school year just to prepare. We now have field practices almost daily.”

Obviously, the Admirals have their work cut out for them, and not only are they making the cut, they are surpassing it. 

According to Cal Stark, a baseball player on the Farragut team, the team’s “pitching has been really good right now.”

So far, the scrimmages and practices have shown promising results, with really strong defense skills and adequate offense skills.

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Farragut’s baseball team celebrates last season’s victory.

Root went on to state, “We are looking pretty solid as a team, we did lose some good guys last year, but our program is still one of the top ones in the nation.”

The Admirals are envied for their top notch program in not only Tennessee, but the nation as a whole, as Root stated. The team is to be proud of their accomplishments and their record, but one man they can thank is Coach Buckner, who will possibly lead them to another glorious season.

Coach Buckner has been working hard for the 2020 baseball season.

When asked about the future of the baseball team, Buckner said, “We’ll see how it goes. . .We got a lot of talent so hopefully we’ll play good at the end.”

Overall, Farragut has a known record of being a great program that leads their team to victory very consistently. Coach Buckner’s track record and 16 year history at Farragut has shown he has what it takes to guide his team to success. It seems like all odds are on the side of the Admirals, and their preseason games show there is a lot to anticipate from this formerly triumphant team.