Teacher Feature: Mr. Reynolds

Teacher Feature: Mr. Reynolds

Mr. Reynolds teaches a variety of science classes here at Farragut High School, including Environmental Science, Chemistry, and Biology. Mr. Reynolds started his teaching career 10 years ago after finishing his master’s degree at the University of Tennessee. He has taught both high school and college sciences, and began teaching at Farragut in 2017. 

“I really do love this job” he says, “I enjoy interacting with the students, and I’m passionate about the subjects I teach.” 

Mr. Reynolds says he has always been passionate about science, initially majoring and getting his undergraduate degree in environmental studies, he returned to college to get degrees in ecology, evolutionary biology, entomology and plant pathology. He has worked in many different fields, but says that this is his favorite job yet because of the impact he is able to make on students. 

Mr. Reynolds is a favorite teacher among students.

Junior, and honors environmental science student, Hannah Shipstad says, “He differs from your other teachers, and actually makes learning really fun.”

Another environmental science student, Liv Specht says, “I was really excited to take this class, I had him [Mr. Reynolds] for chemistry; he’s literally the best science teacher.” 

Clearly, students aren’t the only ones that think so. This past year, Mr. Reynolds won an award for Teacher of the Month here at Farragut. He’s a fan favorite among students and staff at Farragut High School. 

He’s so passionate about science that he’s even proposing a new class for next year: a 7 a.m. honors environmental science class. 

“It gives us a chance to start bright and early, explore man’s position on the Earth, show how we rely on resources, and how there are economies around each of those resources, and explain how we can try to live sustainably on this Earth,” Reynolds said. 

He says it’s going to be a great class, and he needs lots of students to sign up. So, grab your friends and go sign up!

“Let’s do this thing!” he says. 

Farragut High School teacher, Mr. Reynolds