Should SeaWorld be Shut Down?


To the untrained eye, SeaWorld, an amusement park with multiple locations in Florida and California, looks like a euphoric playground for those interested in marine life. Huge aquariums, wild roller coasters, and exhilarating shows entertain the park’s visitors. 

However, these activities simply mask the horrors behind the scenes. Large animals, such as orcas, whales, and dolphins are tortured in tiny tanks. Performers, masked as trained biologists, do not know how to properly care for SeaWorld’s wildlife. Orcas are kidnapped from their natural habitats to become slaves to the shows. According to SeaWorldofHurt, Tillikum, a 32-year-old orca, was taken from his pod to be in the shows. SeaWorld tells the public they only take orcas that are sick or injured, but Tillikum wasn’t either of these things. Visitors are unaware of the severity of the animal abuse that takes place when no one is around to see. 

SeaWorld workers make it easy to cover up the pain that these animals go through by putting on an exciting show. These shows are a cover up to what the animals would normally experience in the wild in a free ocean range that they can enjoy. Captive animals have shorter life expectancies and will die early from abnormalities and infections. As of 2016, South Carolina is the only state in the United States to prohibit the display of cetaceans. California also passed a bill in 2016 that prohibited the breeding of orcas. California senator, Cathleen Galgiani, recently introduced a bill to ban the viewing of cetaceans as a whole which would be huge for people against harboring and abusing animals.

Not only is SeaWorld a danger to the animals, but to the trainers as well. Tillikum has killed three trainers and injured countless others. Tillikum’s pent up anger and stress has driven him to kill. This makes SeaWorld not only inhumane, but unsafe as well. 

There are a million other reasons as to why SeaWorld needs to be shut down, but these reasons alone are enough to cause its closure. We just hope politicians open their eyes to the reality of how SeaWorld is ruining the lives of animals and humans alike.