Farragut Beats Oak Ridge 45-25 in Week 4


Farragut beat Oak Ridge 45-25 last Rivalry Thursday, September 10, 2020, with 476 offensive yards. After coming off of a bye week, and a loss to Knoxville West, Farragut showed up and did not disappoint. Quarterback Dawson Moore, Jr., went 17 out of 25 on passes for 276 yards and rushed for a touchdown. Senior wide receiver, Matt White racked up an impressive 222 yards with 3 touchdowns, that won him WATE’s player of the week. Eli Purcell rushed for 43 yards, with one touchdown, and had 5 tackles. Junior Mason Collins had 10 tackles, 6 of which were solo. Trey Nesbitt had 6 tackles, all of which were solo, and 3 of those 6 were for a loss. Without a doubt, Farragut stepped up after a tough loss and had a big win on their senior night against Oak Ridge.

Picture taken by Carlos Reveiz on September 10th, 2020, as Matt white catches the ball in the endzone for a touchdown.

Farragut’s offense had 25 first downs on Thursday and only allowed Sophomore Reece Keeney to punt 3 times, with an average of 42.7 yards per punt, and his longest was 53 yards.

Of the changes made, Coach Eddie Courtney said, “It definitely started with the offensive line. The offensive line had a much better game as a group. We ran the ball much better because of we had good blocking up front, our running backs run hard… and in our passing game same thing, we got great protection, Dawson had a really good night, his improvements stepped up as well and he was able to connect with Matt and some others. Matt had a great game that night. It was because of protection, because of throwing an accurate ball, and Matt making the catches and his speed was able to score three touchdowns.”

And it for sure showed on Thursday night.

Matt White received the ball 11 times for a total of 197 receiving yards and ran the ball 5 times for 25 yards. When asked about the senior, Coach Cortney was very proud of his hard work that showed on Thursday. White had been injury-stricken last season and Coach Courtney hopes to keep him safe this year by having more bodies to use. Last year, Farragut had many injures and White was a key player and given the ball a lot, allowing the opposing team to know who the ball is going to. This year, with more people, the offense is less predictable, so teams won’t always expect the ball to go to White. Wishing White the best of luck for a healthy season.

Another player that impressed Farragut was Shueman Xie, rushing for 109 yards, with only 8 carries. Xie is a Junior that had impressed everyone Thursday night, as the fans started chanting his name after he score a touchdown.

Coach Courtney is very impressed with him and when asked about Xie´s new importance to the offense, Courtney replied with, “I think he will help our football team, he really does… you take Xie and Same Moses and you take Dion Williams, those three guys, now we are gonna have a fresh back to put in there. Eli Purcell will not have to play all night both ways. I think he´s gonna help our football team immensely.”

Matt was responsible for 3 of Farragut’s 6 touchdowns against Oak Ridge.  

When I asked White what was different about this game´s offense versus the previous game, he said, “The O-line did a good job, Dawson Moore got a lot of confidences this game. It’s not about me, it’s the team, we did a great job.”

White credited the entire team for stepping up this game, which allowed him to do what he does best, catch the ball and score touchdowns.

White is a versatile player playing wide receiver, corner, and getting reps at quarterback. His favorite position to play is wide receiver, where he is most comfortable, and he believes he is most effectively used there for Farragut. 

Farragut’s defense only allowed 4 touchdowns on Thursday, 3 of which were in the first half of the game. The defense really seemed to shut Oak Ridge down in the second half.

When asked with what allowed the defense to keep Oak Ridge to 25 points, Coach Courtney replied with, “We were able to make some plays early in the second half …and it led to a lot of momentum swings towards our direction. We started running the football and that kind of complemented what we were doing on the defense.”

Photo of #31 Carter Nussbaum and #16 Dylan Cosey make a tackle on Oak Ridges #3 was taken by Carlos Reveiz

Farragut’s next game is against Morristown West at home.

Coach Courtney is preparing for this game by, “Going back and doing what we did that gave us a chance last week, and that’s work hard in practice, be a physical football team, and be a smart football team. The biggest thing is the physicality, playing with a lot of effort, out hit our opponent, and just not make mistakes.” 

White is feeling confident going into this game saying, “Doing really good gave me confidence, so I feel really good moving into this week… offense has a lot of confidence too, so I feel we are really good, we’re gonna have a good game.¨

This victory over Oak ridge meant a lot to coach Courtney, saying, “Proud of the way the guys played, very physical as I told you and I think they played as a team… we made improvements and learned from our past mistakes.”

But this win goes much further than getting Farragut’s record to 2-1  to the Admiral’s head coach.

“We used to have a real history with Oak Ridge because they used to be in our region back when only 1 team got to go to the playoffs, not like it is today with 4. So we had to beat Oak Ridge to go to the playoffs. Our programs have had a lot of battles in the past few years.”

Farragut will sadly have to play without their coach on Friday night. Coach Courtney had recently been re-diagnosed with cancer, this time in his prostate, he is having surgery Wednesday morning. Our love and prayers are sent out to coach Courtney and his family as he goes through this. Coach is going to kick cancer in the butt and take it head-on. #NoAdmiralFightsAlone

Come out and support the Farragut Admirals as they play on Friday night, September 20, against Morristown West at home on Bill Clabo Field. This is Farragut’s first region game, and due to COVID-19 only the regional champion and runner up make it to the playoffs this year. Farragut hopes to be 1-0 after Friday night in the region. Come out and support the Admirals!