Schools and Their Best Features


Education and the school environment are one of the three primary agents of socialization and it’s where children spend most of their timeKeeping kids interested in school these days can be a very difficult task and there are some very important features that can improve the school as a whole. Between having a safe environment to having goals set for students, teachers, and parents, and especially great leadership from the principal and administration. 

These are a few of many features that our school, Farragut High School, has implemented to keep order and to create a better and more welcoming environment for students. 

One of Dr. Bartlett’s famous sayings is change starts when attitude changes. After the horrendous amount of suicides and mental health crises we had the past few years, we knew it was time for change, and we have finally started to see it after Dr.Bartlett, Farragut High School’s principal,  joined our school last year. Kids’ attitudes were changing and the whole school was getting inspired. 

“The most important aspect of this school are the kids and the staff. I love the ping pong tables because the kids can play and I love the music on Fridays, it kind of brings the school to a different life on Friday’s. The picnic tables have also been a great add on so the kids can eat outside. If you look at all of those things in general , they are like icing on the cake. If you have a really good icing on a cake, however, you have a really bad foundation cake, it’s still not going to be good. The cake is our people. If you have really great people like we do and really good icing, the cake can be perfect,” said Dr. Bartlett.

These are the picnic tables used for students to sit at during lunch. This is a good way to social distance.


Throughout the year we have had many amazing changes arranged at Farragut High School.

On Fridays, we play music during lunch, which really lightens people’s mood.

Senior student, Mary Frances Ernstberger, says, “Having music on Fridays really uplifts people and makes them feel good.” 

Bean bag toss and ping pong have also been added to give the school a little bit more character. Since everyone has not had the most fun year because of Corona, Dr. Bartlett decided to get picnic tables to spread out outside to give kids a pleasurable experience during lunch, while also social distancing and staying safe during the pandemic.


This is the bean bag toss. Students mostly use this during lunch.


These are the ping pong tables. They are a great way to entertain and keep students happy.


Mrs. Breeding, teacher at Farragut High School, says, “He is the best principal out there and we appreciate him so much.” 

Our school also has many clubs and groups. These clubs put in lots of dedication and effort to try and make the school the best it can be. One of the many groups that we have is ProjectU. This club works day in and day out to try and prevent bullying and try to uplift kids. They do projects and start initiatives throughout the school to try and make it more positive and improve the quality of life of the students. Overall, these school features are needed to make the best school there can be.


This is the foosball table students play with during lunch or in the morning.