What Spooky Movies Should You Watch in Fall of 2020?


From Ghostbusters Movie

Are you looking for spooky movies to watch this Halloween season? Well, you are in luck. Ladies and gentlemen, it is the middle of September, and the most frightening of seasons has fallen upon us.

The Joker

In the midst of a global pandemic, it is easy to not be able to celebrate holidays with a large group of friends and family. This Halloween, we’re looking into a few movies that you can watch with a few of your best buddies to celebrate the occasion.

Whether it be Scream, Ghostbusters, or It, everyone has a go-to movie during the Halloween season. Some “spooky” movies can even be comical, for example, “Scary Movie”, which makes fun of how characters in horror movies act.

I asked staff members at Farragut High School about their favorite spooky movies. 

Mr. Micheal, the sophomore counselor at FHS, said, “I would say Hocus Pocus, because that was a Disney Channel Halloween movie when I was younger.”

Hocus Pocus is a classic that Mr. Micheal watched as a kid.

The film Hocus Pocus is about a Massachusetts teen named Max who goes exploring in a haunted house with his sister and her friend. He accidentally falls into a coven of wicked witches. To stop the witches from becoming immortal, the kids need to take the witches’ book of spells. Will the kids take the witches’ book in time? Watch the movie to find out…

Dr. Bartlett, the principal at FHS, remarked, “I am an adventure movies sort-of guy, but my favorite horror movie would be Children of The Corn. It is about a group of children in the cornfield who kill people. That is a really demented story.”   

So basically, to go into greater detail, Children of The Corn is regarding a couple who are on their way for the husband’s new job when they suddenly stop due to the sight of a dead body in the road. While attempting to call authorities, they come across a town of children who worship a demon that is nearby in the cornfield. The couple tries to escape the demonic children who want to use them as a sacrifice. If you are into horror movies, this might be the movie for you!

For me, personally, my favorite spooky movie is Ghostbusters. It is a well known classic Halloween-themed movie made in 1984 about a group of guys who “ain’t afraid of no ghosts!” I would recommend it because of its interesting plot, fun characters, and catchy music. I mean, who doesn’t love a movie about people hunting and busting ghosts down!