Everybody Loves Coach Harris

Coach Stephen Harris from Farragut High School (photo from school website)

Coach Stephen Harris from Farragut High School (photo from school website)

Coach Harris is a well known teacher and football coach for Farragut High School. But what people do not understand is how big his heart is and how hard he works. 

Coach Harris is the tight ends coach for the Admirals. He goes in before and after school everyday to help his players get better.

“Coach Harris joined the team when I was just a junior, and his impact on the team has been incredible. Easily one of the most caring coaches on the team. He is very vocal during practice and games, always being involved and making us better. Even though I am not a tight end, I have learned so much from Coach Harris. He is more than just a coach,” senior cornerback Logan Foody said. 

Clabo Field where Coach Harris helps the Admirals win football games.

“Coach Harris is an amazing coach. He is always there making us better. You can tell how much he actually cares, and how this is not like a job for him. He really loves being here,” said senior defensive end Trey Nesbitt.

Not only is coach Harris a football coach, but he teaches life skills to special ed students. He helps them with just about everything you can think of. He helps them read, do homework, study, take tests, spends time helping them with social skills, fill out transcripts to go to college, emails their parents and keeps them updated with how they are doing at school. He keeps very close relationships with all of his students. He really does care. 

If that was not enough, he also co-teaches an online class at Karns Middle School. He won teacher of the month for a reason, and hopefully there will be many more awards like this to come.