The Among Us Craze

The Among Us Craze

Over the past three weeks, a murder mystery game called Among Us has taken over the mobile game market in seemingly inexplicable fashion. With millions of downloads in such a short amount of time, people are wondering just how this is possible.

The game is played with 4-10 players and can be played privately with friends or publicly with people from across the globe. The goal is for the crew members to complete their tasks and to find out who the imposter(s) is, of which there can be between 1 and 3. The goal of the imposter is to take out all of the crew members without revealing their identity. The imposter can also sabotage different parts of the ship in order to slow down the crew members and make it easier to take them out. The game’s multiplayer platform has been a hit among players as they can cohesively interact with people from around the world to achieve a single goal. However, although the game is seeing tremendous popularity today, it has taken a long time for Among Us to take off.After its release in 2018, the game saw little to no traction. Its mother company, Innersloth, which is made up of just three people, had only one member watching over the game’s servers due to the small number of players. Since then, however, it has been all hands on deck for the folks at Innersloth.

The way Among Us rose to fame with such ferocity is unique to the 21st century, largely due to the fact that a great deal of modern entertainment is taken in through the internet. It began when a Twitch streamer with over a million followers found the game and played it during a stream. His fans found it fun to watch and began to download the game for themselves across IOS, Android, and PC platforms. It was then spread to social media and due to the viral nature of those platforms, Among Us would then explode. According to, Among Us has seen a whopping 74 million downloads on all platforms, generating an estimated $4.5 million from in-app purchases since September 5th. These are staggering numbers considering where they were just a couple of months ago.

The game has seen so much sudden popularity that the developers at Innersloth have had to cancel their plans for Among Us 2 to focus on running the current game.

As much as the game has grown in recent weeks, it will likely continue to grow at an exponential rate as Twitch streamers, YouTube stars, and celebrities alike have begun their own series dedicated to playing the game.

This Among Us craze could not have been foreseen, and is a true testament to how quickly and unexpectedly success can be accrued in the 21st century.