The Mandalorian Season 2


If you have asked anyone if they have seen any Star Wars content, you’ll be surprised to hear the number. Over 90% of all Americans have seen at least one piece of Star Wars content and close to 50% of the world has seen at least one piece of Star Wars content. That is over 3.5 BILLION people! Disney, after buying the original creators of Star Wars Lucasfilm, aimed to keep up that success with a live-action show called The Mandalorian. The first week it streamed on their popular streaming service, Disney +, it amassed over 100 million streams, which passed Netflix’s popular show Stranger Things which had 81 million streams the first week. 

The Mandalorian starts out with a bounty hunter, a person who does jobs like assassinations for money, named Mando doing his normal jobs when he gets tasked with a special job. He has to deliver a special cargo to someone. Mando does it and when he finds out that it is living and they are going to kill it, he decides to save it. However, it is against the bounty hunters code to steal back the cargo so not only is he not apart of the bounty hunters guild anymore he is now an outlaw. He and the cargo he stole back go on multiple quests and meet new people but the main plot is Mando trying to find the cargos home planet. The cargo’s unofficial nickname is Baby Yoda because he is the same species as one of Star Wars’ most famous and memorable characters, Yoda.

One of the most frustrating questions among not only Star Wars, but in Pop Culture is, “What species is Yoda and Baby Yoda and what planet do they originate from?” Even though you might think this, it was never mentioned once in the Star Wars universe what they are or where they originated and Yoda has been in 5 of 9 Star Wars films. Not even the creator of Star Wars, George Lucas, has mentioned where Yoda was from or what species he is. Their species seems to be a species where everyone is force sensitive, which means they basically have superpowers because we see three instances where his species has the force and they are the only 3 people from his species we see. Yoda was a Jedi, Yaddle who is the only girl of that species, we see was a Jedi, and Baby Yoda who we see in the second episode using the force. This is the question many people are hoping will be answered in The Mandalorian season two. 

Photo of Mando holding Baby Yoda from

Another question is if Ahsoka Tano, a popular character from the animated show Star Wars: Clone Wars, will make her first live-action appearance. There is a lot of evidence supporting that she will be in this season. The actor who was going to play her, Rosario Dawson, is listed on the roster of actors/actresses. One theory that supports her being in the show is that she will mentor Baby Yoda, or at least sense the good or bad in him. She could also fight Moff Gideon, who is one of the people who is trying to find Baby Yoda, will fight Ahsoka because at the end of season one he was shown having a lightsaber called the dark saber ( 

Season two of The Mandalorian will come out on October 30th and is one of the most anticipated shows to come out this year. You can only watch it on Disney+, which is $7 a month or $70 a year.