Project U’s “Make Someone Smile Day”


Project U’s Encouraging Cards

On Monday, October 26, 2020, Farragut High School students involved in the club Project U, a club primarily focused on positively changing the atmosphere of FHS, hosted an event called “Make Someone Smile Day.” Happy Face w/ Sunglasses Windshield Stickers | Auto Dealer Advertising


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Along with upbeat music playing, Project U had a booth set up where students could come and decorate tye-dye face masks and pick up an encouraging card. Many of the Project U students behind the booth prompted other students to come pick up a card and decorate a mask, the whole point of it being to brighten someone’s day.

Project U’s encouraging cards included heartfelt messages like “You are beautiful”, “You are loved” and “Your smile is contagious”.

Kelsie Orrico, one of Project U’s juniors, said that the purpose behind Project U and “Make Someone Smile Day” is to, “Make the school a happier place and spread positivity.”

Later that day, the members of Project U were put hard to work printing tye-dye T-Shirts to give away to 50 nominated students and also a few teachers.

Project U club leaders, Addie Grace Fields and Gracie Orrico passed out compliment cards to some of FHS’s outstanding students. Basically, the students who got nominated for kindness ended up getting a sweet card from whoever nominated them.

Fields explained that she thinks that Project U helps make the school a better place, in which she said, “I think that it [Project U] brings us together as a school because it gets people in the school to work together. For example, when people come buy a T-shirt, they get to come to talk to us.”

Gracie Oricco said, “This [Make Someone Smile Day] is a very big day for us.” 

Project U is open for anyone and everyone at Farragut High School to join. Project U includes students of all grades and ages, and the students in Project U work hard to spread love and kindness around FHS.