Nutrition is Fun and Tasty


Nutrition is a key part of a person’s life. The type of food someone eats is a major determiner in someone’s lifestyle and health. Eating healthy and nutritious food theoretically seems easy, but as many know it is a big challenge with so many things to consider: sugars, fats, carbs, calories, protein, sodium, etc. Farragut High School offers nutrition class to help students understand what is in their food, and how to eat a healthier and more nutritious diet.

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Nutrition is an elective course offered at Farragut High School. It is a class that helps students learn more about their bodies and the food they consume. Students learn how to have a balanced diet and that can last a lifetime. This class is popular among all different types of students, many students are drawn to the class because they learn how to cook nutritious meals and get to enjoy eating them in class. Learning about nutrition can be a very boring topic sometimes, but Mrs. Flatford makes the class fun and interesting.

“It’s very relaxed, people come in here and cook, make gingerbread for gingerbread houses, and people come in here and have fun. I love it,” said senior JT Sudderth. 

Nutrition is the perfect balance between a fun class and an important educational class. Students have fun while learning crucial information that could shape their lives into a healthier lifestyle. 

Sophomore Barrett Smith said, “Basically it’s just learning about healthier substitutions for food and everything, and we will come in the kitchen quite often, probably like once a week, and cook a healthier meal.”

Students learn information that can help them throughout life. Nutrition is something that impacts everyone. Learning to eat healthy at a young age will provide a healthy life long term. 

When Sudderth was asked how this class has impacted his daily life, he said, “Well I hear there is so much sodium in food these days and it has really made me look at it. I start cooking a lot for myself more and start watching my calories and stuff like that. Just trying to get ripped basically.” 

Eating healthy and nutritious meals can help people meet their body image goals and become happier. It can also make them feel physically better when getting the correct amount of vitamins and minerals.

Smith said the most important information he learned in class was, “Adding healthier substitutions to food, like instead of butter you can use margarine if you think that is healthier… and adding more vitamins in nutrients.”

Currently, students are making gingerbread houses from scratch. They made all the walls, roofs, and doors for the structure of the houses, and where making the icing and coloring the fondant at the time of the interviews. One may say gingerbread houses are not very healthy or nutritious, and that is probably true, but these classic Christmas activities are for a good cause.

Gingerbread house model

“This part of the year we do gingerbread houses, then we will auction them off on Facebook and try to raise money for the Children’s hospital,” said Smith.

Gingerbread cooling off.

Nutrition is a fun class with a great purpose of educating students on how to eat healthily and may open up doors for students interested in becoming a nutritionist. 

Icing for the gingerbread houses.

Smith said, “ I would recommend this class; it’s a fun class and you get to eat too, which is always fun.”

Sudderth said, “If you don’t take this class by the end of high school, you’re doing something wrong,” as nutrition is one of his favorite classes he has taken over the years at Farragut.

Nutrition is an important part of life no matter how old you are. It is awesome that students at Farragut High School have the opportunity to learn about nutrition, and they get to learn about it while having fun.