Karaoke: Good for the Student Body?


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At Farragut High School, students are put hard to work. Whether it be English essays, Science labs, History presentations, or Math worksheets, students can often get stressed out. As a high school student myself, I am well aware that it is easy to fret with the various upcoming assignments we have going on.

My question is: What would adding Karaoke do to our school’s atmosphere? 

Karaoke would help students let loose and relax a little bit, as well as help improve the creative environment at our school. We already have music in the cafeteria on Friday afternoons during lunch. All of our students have loved music on Friday, and adding karaoke on Fridays at lunch would be the cherry on top. 

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Karaoke might also help improve cognitive functions within our student body. Harvard Health studies have shown, “It’s not clear, but the researchers speculated that listening to music helps organize the firing of nerve cells in the right half of the cerebral cortex, the part of the brain responsible for higher functions. According to this construct, music — or at least some forms of music — acts as an “exercise” that warms up selected brain cells, allowing them to process information more efficiently.”(health.havard.edu).

Students participating in singing and karaoke exercise their right brains, the side of the brain responsible for creativity and the processing of seeing shapes and patterns as well as processing emotions and implied meanings. The strengthening of the right hemisphere in the brain would help the overall thinking process of our students here at Farragut. With the left brain (the side of the brain responsible for analyzation and mathematical processes) and the right brain working cohesively, hand and hand, our students would perform better in classes such as English where they have to analyze text through annotation processes but also have to creatively interpret the deeper meaning behind a certain text or passage. 

Karaoke could be a fun, stress-free way for students to relax. Chicago Tribune Magazine notes that: “Scientists say that singing can have a calming but energizing effect on people. Singing can help tame stress but also lift the spirits. Singing is a natural antidepressant. According to information published in Time magazine, singing may release endorphins associated with feelings of pleasure as well as stimulate the release of oxytocin, a hormone that is found to alleviate anxiety and stress. Prevention magazine notes that choir singers, who often report feeling happy and free of significant anxiety, may notice their moods improving when they start to sing”(chicagotribune.com).

Adding a karaoke machine would help lift the spirits here at Farragut High School. Personally, singing and listening to music has always been a great way to lift my spirits. Whenever I sing along to songs, I instantly feel happier and better than I did before I started singing. Singing along to songs is a great way to let out your emotions.

Loralai Stevenson, a Senior here at FHS, says that, “It [karaoke] would help better the mental health here at Farragut because it would allow students to have fun and let loose.”

All in all, there are many reasons why adding a karaoke machine at lunch would be good for our school’s environment; whether it be helping to improve our students’ creativity by exercising their right brains, helping to lift our students’ spirits, or promoting a fun, stress-free atmosphere.