Covid-19 and the schools new ways of learning

Covid-19 and the schools new ways of learning

There are many different ways that COVID-19 has affected people and their daily lives. That being said lots of people say that it has affected students, teachers, and staff a lot more than it affected others.

Many different students have different preferences when it comes to their learning during the new semester. While some people enjoy learning virtual, some people learn better in school. There’s many different types of motivations that can change with a student and where they decide they want to learn.

“When I was online, I had absolutely no motivation,” said sophomore student Brooke Hilton.

Hilton also discussed how it was hard to get assignments in on time. Lots of students would agree with Hilton.

“The positive thing about changing from online to in person is you have people to keep you on task,” said sophomore student Natalie Szwarc.

This shows that most online students who switched to in person think that help from many people in school can improve their grades.

“I feel like in person has much more structure, and can keep you on task,” said Blake Woody Who is also a sophomore.

Who has been completely online all year and feels that it is the way to go.

When it comes down to it, everyone’s personal preference on what they choose is different. Whether you would like to stay inside, in bed in your PJs, or you enjoy the benefits of seeing your classmates and teachers every day, each person learns in their own unique way.