Farragut Basketball Varsity Teams


Girls and Boys Varsity Basketball team by farragutadmiralsbasketball.com

Corona has taken away many things, but here at Farragut it can’t take our basketball season away. 

Girls Varsity 2020-2021 by farragutadmiralsbasketball.com

The Lady Admirals work hard everyday to give their all on the court.  They practice every single day.  Practices are at least two hours.  The Lady Admirals have been doing amazing this season with ten wins and three losses after last night’s loss against Heritage. 

Sophomore Annalise Bishop is a 16 year old on Farragut’s Varsity basketball team. Bishop has been playing basketball since third grade. Bishop has played for Farragut since her freshman year and plays point guard. She plans to play basketball for the rest of high school at Farragut. 

“My favorite thing about being on the Farragut basketball team is probably the people, just hanging out with my friends and we all get to play the sport that we love at the same time,” said Bishop.  

Annalise Bishop by farragutadmiralsbasketball.com

The girls team is filled with dedicated ladies who work together to be the best they can be as a team. 

The boys varsity basketball team is filled with fourteen devoted boys.  They practice everyday unless there is a game for two to three hours. The boys overall record for this season so far is seven wins and six losses. 

Varsity Boys 2020-2021 by farragutadmiralsbasketball.com

Dallas Carbaugh is a 15 year old sophomore, small forward on Farragut’s varsity basketball team. Carbaugh has been playing basketball since he was eight years old.  Last year, Carbaugh was on Farragut’s Freshman and JV team, and this year has moved up to Varsity. Carbaugh plans to play basketball throughout high school and continue into college. 

“My favorite part about being on the basketball team is being able to compete against other schools and it is fun,” said Carbaugh. 

Dallas Carbaugh by farragutadmiralsbasketball.com

Carbaugh was voted basketball player of the week.  To vote, go to prepxtra.com for Carbaugh to be the Prepxtra high school boys athlete of the week. 

You can show your support to our Farragut Admirals by viewing the games on YouTube due to a limit of people allowed at the games.