Outer Banks Season One

Outer Banks season one cover. Picture lancerspiritonline.com

Outer Banks season one cover. Picture lancerspiritonline.com


Cover image for ”Outer Banks” season one. Picture from bsmknighterrant.org

Netflix Original Outer Banks by Jonas Pate, premiered streaming on Netflix on April 15, 2020 and was the most popular show that was watched in 2020. In fact, there were only two other shows in 2020 that were more popular than Outer Banks…Tiger King and Ozark. Outer Banks is filled with mystery and suspense. Throughout the story a group of teenagers search for a legendary treasure linked to the disappearance of the ringleader’s father. While also trying to fit in with the members on the other side of the island, the Kooks.     

John Booker Routledge, otherwise known as ‘‘John B,’’ the son of a missing man, is the primary protagonist in Outer Banks. His father was infatuated with the Royal Merchant, a vessel that sank and disappeared in 1829, but rumored to have $400 million in gold is on the look for his father ever since he went missing hunting for gold. His lifelong friends J.J, Pope, and Kiara tag along to help in the search for John B’s father and the gold. His father’s disappearance left him in an unstable home as he faces the difficult challenge of finding a new secure household. 

John B and Sarah standing on a boat dock in the rain. Image from postandcourier.com

In the world of Outer Banks, you associate with one of two groups, the Pogues or the Kooks. The Pogues are the poor scrappy kids on the island that usually work for the Kooks, including John B, J.J., and Pope. The children of the upper class residents, the Kooks, are their rivals. Kiara is technically a Kook because of her family restaurant. Sarah Cameron, Kiara’s former best friend and now her antagonist, is one the most popular Kooks on the island beside her brother Rafe Cameron, and her boyfriend Topper. Her father Ward, a wealthy business owner, is very well known around the island. John B worked on Ward’s family yacht until he got fired, so he was not unfamiliar with his daughter Sarah and son Rafe Cameron. 

As John B and his friends find new clues related to the Royal Merchant and clues related to his father’s disappearance, they get caught up in serious conflicts with the Kooks. Then they realized they were not the only ones searching for the gold, and when John B falls in love with Sarah it disturbs the island’s entire social structure. Continuing on the treasure hunt, John B insists Sarah participates and help them find this treasure. At first Kiara was opposed to it then she finally resolved her issues with Sarah. Throughout the show, John B is running from social services who wants to put him in foster care since his father is missing, so to prevent this Ward, Sarah’s father adopts him. Ward and John B’s father were good friends and Ward knew his father was searching for this gold until he went missing searching for it at sea. Ward never believed the treasure was real until he overheard a conversation with John B and Sarah about where the gold was and its worth. The next day he took John B on a fishing trip, during this trip Ward tried to convince John B to tell him where the treasure was, but he refused to tell him. John B then realized Ward knew about the treasure and he was with his father when he went missing at sea searching for the treasure. Then Ward panicked and tried to kill him, but John B was able to make it back to Outer Banks. This conflict caused Ward to frame John B of trying to kill him, and the police immediately issued an arrest for John B and they searched the whole island for him. However, J.J., Pope, and Kiara aided John B in hiding from the police. During the police search, Ward tried to flee to the Bahamas, but in the midst of the attempt he was ordered by police to stay in town. John B still hiding from the police is now accompanied by his girlfriend, Sarah, as they escape from the island surrounded by the police department. Sarah and John B elude the police by boat, meanwhile, a huge tropical storm is crashing toward the island. The storm prolongs the police while they try to catch John B, and he and Sarah manage to escape the island during the tropical storm. 

As season one of Outer Banks came to an end so abruptly, many questions have been left unanswered and there has been much anticipation around season two releasing. 

John B, Pope, Kiara, and J.J. seen sitting and talking in John B’s house. Picture from deadline.com

The ending of season one played a big role in the story line and now season two will be heavily affected by the outcome of season one. This means season two will also have a new setting based off of the ending. In season one, Ward is close to leaving the Outer Banks and going to the Bahamas in search of the gold, and John B and Sarah, the two main protagonists, after they escape the police are heading to the Bahamas to find the treasure. This new setting will alter the way John B and Sarah interact with each other, their friends, and family while they are in the Bahamas. 


Kiara and J.J. drawing up a plan to save John B from the police, image from tvline.com

The characters roles will also be changed now that John B and Sarah Cameron are thousands of miles away from their closest friends. The roles of Pope, Kiara, and J.J. could be downgraded significantly due to their ringleader and his girlfriend coming closer to the treasure without them while they are back at home in the Outer Banks. This means season two will focus more on the treasure hunt side in the Bahamas rather than the everyday life of the Pogues and Kooks. Effectively attaining more background knowledge and more intriguing discoveries about John B’s father as the show progresses through season two.

Jonas Pate will hope to have another successful year of the Netflix Original Outer Banks as many get impatient and have high hopes for the release of season two. The ending of season one will have an enormous impact on the season two storyline as well as the characters. Highly anticipated season two will be one to look forward to all year and it will have compelling changes in it from the setting and the storyline, all the way to the characters.