How’s Band Holding Up?

Marching bands and regular bands in the United States have all had to go through some changes for COVID-19. Farragut High School’s band made some major changes this past year to prevent any further spreading of the coronavirus. 

Senior during marching band rehearsal.

“The band has made lots of changes in order to accommodate the pandemic. We wear special performance masks and use covers on the end of our instruments,” said junior Caleb Wanca.

Wanca also said how all the band is socially distanced to further decrease the risk of spreading the virus. In the case of a band concert, Wanca discussed that it would be hard to have a concert while following all the guidelines and the idea of a virtual concert is something that the band directors are considering if things get worse. If the school goes to online, Wanca mentions that they still are expected to learn and be able to play it and they also have the option of joining the other band members if they want to for after school rehearsals. Online band members also have the same assignments to turn in. 

FHS marching band at a football game.

“The Marching Band had a very shortened show with limited drill. We somehow had to maintain social distance. We were also not allowed in the stands with the audience, but instead we had to play on the track” said Junior Michael Humphries.

Michael Humphries also mentions that there couldn’t be any competitions any more and that all the rehearsals were shortened and socially distanced due to COVID-19. Coronavirus changed a lot in band but it seems like some changes are for the better and at least they still get to play.