Farragut High School Wrestling Teams Recent Events


Farragut wrestling guys team

For last week in wrestling news, Farragut hosted a home meet with Webb, Greenback, and West high schools. Farragut lost against Webb and Greenback for just not having enough wrestlers to fill all of the weight classes and was forced to forfeit points. Farragut did win against West with the final score being 36-18 on January 19. During this meet, when Farragut was wrestling Webb, Eli Gentry (220 weight class) bruised his collarbone during the match and chose to keep wrestling. Senior Zach Garabrant (145 weight class) and sophomore Aidan Enters (160 weight class) were the only wrestlers to go undefeated in the meet.

“Tennessee is a lot different from Chicago. Here the wrestling is a lot more quick and aggressive, but in Chicago there are a lot more methodical,” says Enters.

On January 21, the wrestling team went to Stone Memorial High School where Farragut faced off with long time rival Bearden and Stone Memorial High Schools. Again, due to Farragut not being able to fill all of the weight classes, they lost both matches as a team from forfeits, though most wrestlers beat both of their opponents. At this meet, the Lady Admirals wrestling team was able to have matches against Stone Memorial and through great fight, lost in a close match with a final team score of 34-32.

Conner Lyons and Aidan Enters 3rd place medalists at CAK

On January 23 at CAK High School, Aidan Enters and freshman Conner Lyons(124) were the only two wrestlers on the team to medal. Both of them got third place in the tournament. McMahen High School placed first in the tournament as a team. They are one of the top high school wrestling teams in the state.  The girls wrestling team were unfortunately unable to compete in this tournament due to there not being enough teams with female wrestlers to make brackets. 

170 weight class at CAK

¨I have great aspirations to go to an individual state this year but I am also trying to push my teammates to get ready for team state as well,” says Izzy Snyder (138 weight class).

Despite the girls not having as many individual matches or meets as the guys this year, they are still pushing hard in practice to be ready for team state. The team captain for the girls team, Snyder, is going the extra mile in practise to try and ready her teammates for state this season. This will be the first time ever that Farragut has had a female team go to team state for wrestling.