What The Future Looks Like For The Class Of 2021


Cone Health

The class of 2021’s future will be like no other. Image from Cone Health.

This year has been like no other. The world has experienced a worldwide pandemic. Schools have been shut down, restaurants have been closed, and people have been quarantined. It has already been over a year since Covid-19 has disrupted the world. The new normal is socially distancing, wearing a mask in public, and hoping that you do not catch the virus. 

Covid-19 has impacted everybody in one way or another, but especially the class of 2021. Unlike any other senior year, students must social distance, wear a mask, adapt to a new version of learning, and are unable to attend the traditional activities. The one major change that has been different for the class of 2021 compared to other senior classes in the past is college. When trying to decide where to attend for the next four years of your life, it is a major decision and can be stressful. 

Up until this year students have been able to go on college visits, tour campuses, meet with admissions counselors, and meet experienced college students. Now because of Covid, many of those opportunities have been taken away from the class of 2021. Many campuses have not allowed tours or visits, and have instead hosted virtual tours and meetings. While that is convenient to still have access to information, it is not the same as getting an in person experience. 

Students making the most of their senior year, and what is to come! Image from Inside Higher Ed.

Another struggle that the class of 2021 has had for their future is the ACT. While many colleges have gone test optional, it still is prevalent for students that are wanting to get a scholarship. Class of 2021 was supposed to take the test last year during their junior year, but it was canceled due to Covid. Also summer testing was rare because the world was on shutdown, and many test locations had been closed. Resulting in students having to play catch up this year, and have not been given the same opportunities seniors have gotten in the past.

To continue, many colleges are currently virtually learning. No events are taking place, even some cafetieres have been closed, leaving students to stay in their dorm room all day long. As a result of this, many seniors in the community of Knoxville have wondered if they will even get the opportunity to have a regular college experience. The choice of going to college or taking a gap year has become very prevalent to seniors this year. There is so much that is unknown about what the future will hold, making college an even harder decision. Nevertheless, the class of 2021 has gone through a lot of change this year, but has kept their heads high, and will continue to do so for the future.