Having Test Anxiety as a Student

Graphic by Allyson Randa

Graphic by Allyson Randa

As a student, test anxiety affects me in many ways.  It impacts test scores, self esteem, and a person’s mindset going into a test. Testing anxiety also affects many other students.

“About 16-20% of students have high test anxiety,” said American Test Anxieties Association. 

Taking a test with anxiety is very difficult.  I get very nervous and I second guess everything I write down.  Test anxiety can sometimes negatively impact my performance on tests, which also affects my grade in the class.  Tests are a huge part of my life as a student.   I take frequent quizzes and tests among all of my classes. This is very frustrating because tests are a huge percentage of final grades.  

Test anxiety is the most frequent scholastic impairment in our schools today. 

Students that suffer from testing anxiety blank during a test, it reduces memory, and increases mistakes.  Because of this, test scores are lower.  

“Personally, I get really bad testing anxiety and no matter how hard I study or how well I know the material, once it comes to the time I have to take the test my mind goes blank and I forget the information.  This is really hard because I struggle to remember the information no matter how hard I try,” said Maddie Crandall a sophomore at Farragut High School.

It is proven that students with high test anxiety score around 12 percentile points below their peers who do not struggle with test anxiety.  That is almost half a letter grade difference.  

Tests determine so many outcomes, like the ability to get into a certain class, school, college or even just a grade in a class. I believe this is unfair to students with test anxiety.  No test score truly reflects a student’s knowledge or depth of understanding.  

Test Anxiety by nursing.lsuhsc.edu

Another way test anxiety influences me is it negatively impacts my self esteem.  After receiving multiple bad grades on tests, it really upsets me.  I do not feel as smart as my peers who score higher than me.  I feel I am less of a person. I have to frequently remind myself that a test score does not define me nor my ability.

Test anxiety takes a hold of my mindset going into a test.  It ruins my ability to clearly think and be confident in what I know.  No matter how hard I work or study for a test, my anxiety gets in the way and ruins my grade.  It makes me feel like my efforts do not matter. 

Test anxiety impacts many students’ ability to do school and takes confidence away. I have personally experienced this throughout school.