Will Heather Win Matt’s Heart?


Cast of season 25 of “The Bachelor” Image from US Weekly.

The Bachelor is one of the best reality TV series of all time. For those who do not know, The Bachelor is a reality TV show where around twenty five girls compete for one man’s heart. Every few days there will be a rose ceremony where a couple of girls are sent home. As the weeks go on, less and less girls are around. The most valuable thing in this show is time. Women are constantly competing for time with the bachelor so every second you get counts. Typically everyone will go on a date a week. Some will be on group dates, while others will get the opportunity to go on a one-on-one date. The entire show lasts about nine weeks, and at the end of the process one of the women will get engaged to the bachelor. 

Matt James (left) is The Bachelor and Hannah Martin (right) is just coming to the show (Photo from US Magazine).

Just like any other reality TV series there is a lot of drama. Girls fight over the bachelor, bully one another, and make others look bad to advance themselves. The producers will also stir the pot to create tension between the women. They do this by having surprise rose ceremonies, cutting group dates short, bringing new girls half way into the season, and putting targets on certain girls’ backs, making them the villain of the season. In season 25, the current season of The Bachelor, has been packed full of drama. February 8th, when the newest episode aired at 8:00 pm, an unexpected arrival occurred. Heather Martin, former contestant of The Bachelor pulled up to the mansion in a minivan. 

Not only was it a surprise to Chris Harrison, the host of the series, but also to the women still remaining. Martin claims that she was sent here by her good friend Hannah Brown. Brown was the bachelorette in season 15 of The Bachelorette. She thought she had found love with Jed Wyatt, but unfortunately things did not turn out as expected. Wyatt’s true colors were revealed not long after the show had ended. Brown discovered that Wyatt had been in a relationship with another woman while engaged. Brown then broke off the relationship.

Image result for hannah brown season 15
Hannah Brown from Season 15 of The Bachelorette (Photo credit to Newsweek).

Brown is good friends with the Bachelor Matt James, and knew what a great man he was. She thought that Martin and James would be the perfect pair, the only problem was that James was now unavailable because he is now the bachelor. That did not stop Brown from getting the two to meet one another. Brown is well respected in the Bachelor Nation, and has connections to the producers. She made a plan for Martin to enter the show, in the hopes that her and James would hit it off. 

When Martin arrived at the mansion, Chris Harrison was surprised to see her and was a bit spectacle at first, but ultimately allowed her into the house and onto the show. The women were not as welcoming. The episode ended with Martin interrupting a conversation he was having with another woman on the show. Will the women accept Martin or push her away? Will she be able to have a connection with James? Will she be the woman who gets engaged at the end of the show? Tune in next Monday to find out if Martin will stay or go.