How Students and Teachers are Affected by Virtual Snow Days

How Students and Teachers are Affected by Virtual Snow Days
Will there be more snow days?

In the past few weeks, Farragut High School has had several inclimate weather days. In previous years, those have been days off of school, however, due to everyone having a school provided Chromebook those days have become virtual days. The school has decided to use Microsoft Teams to host all of the school virtual meetings. The platform itself has proven able to hold all the students and run smooth. Now it is up to the students and teachers to make a virtual classroom run smooth.

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“I don’t think the virtual days are worth it, we don’t really get anything done,” stated Thomas Ray, a sophomore student of Farragut High School.

“The students don’t focus as they would in school due to all the at home distractions. This causes a need to recap everything from the previous day, which makes the class fall behind on the material that is supposed to be learned that day,” stated Mrs. Blankenship, a teacher at Farragut High School.

This is important because both a student and a teacher feel that there is somewhat of a loss of a school day on the virtual day, and the following day when everything has to be explained again. This gives less days for learning and reviewing for tests and quizzes.

There are more predicted inclimate weather days in the near future. Will they be any more effective than the past days?