Texas Storm


Texas right now is in one of its worst winter storms ever and this event has caused power outages and no running water left for the Texans. Also, other southern states are feeling the cold weather passing through. For the past few weeks, Texas has been in low temperatures which has left the residents without basic needs. 

This is a picture of Texas during the freezing storm from WTIZ.com.

The power grid failures occurred first, which led to a bunch of Texas citizens to be left without heat or power in the cold. After the power started to return, millions of Texans realized that their taps were dry and that the water pipes had burst, and this led to having to boil the water before using it. Last Saturday, the electricity had been restored, but many civilians in Texas and in Mississippi are still without electricity. The people that have electricity are paying way more than they usually do for electricity. For the Covid vaccine, the distribution has been delayed because of this winter storm which also led to Texas running low on food in grocery stores. President Biden signed a major disaster declaration, this would make the government provide food and resources for Texas. The main reason for the power outages was because the power plants were not made to withstand the cold conditions. An alternative for heat has been to use the car for heat which has made the demand for gas increase. Many power plant operators could not make any money so they had to put their power plants offline. 

Almost 58 people have died of hypothermia, house fires, drownings, and fatal car crashes, or poisoned by carbon monoxide. These harsh conditions and lack of power and water made it hard for hospitals to care for patients. Many Americans were unable to shower, wash their hands and use the toilet. Also schools have been closed for the past few weeks although some schools have been damaged causing delays in virtual and in-person classes. 

The Texas storm has caused a lot of issues and many southern states are suffering because of these issues, but there have been donations organizations trying to help the citizens in need.