Have You Chosen Your Classes for Next Year Yet?


If you have any trouble or need a reminder of how to sign up, go to aspen and watch the video!

Many students are starting to fill out their request forms for the upcoming school year. Lots are rationalizing their choices for their classes to have the best outcomes.

“I am very excited for the classes I requested. I would love the opportunity to be in the Life Span Development class and also Nutrition. I think that both of those classes will help me for years to come,” said sophomore Brittany Crafton.

That being said, Crafton has a really beneficial mindset that will end up helping her in the long run. Both of those classes will most definitely aid her to have certain life skills that are crucial.

“I am looking forward to the Agriculture class. It would be super amazing to have the experience of a very engaging class,” said sophomore Regan Miller.

Many students are more excited for elective classes, rather than the main core classes, which is very understandable. Most of the time, no one favors required classes since it can be very tedious, especially since most core classes you have to take at least once every year. 

You are required to sign up for four main core classes, four main electives, and three backup electives. 

By senior year, in order to graduate, you must have received 28 credits as a whole. For core classes, you need to have done a math class every year, a social studies class every year, an English class every year, and a science class for 3 years. 

For electives, it is a bit different. You must have 1.5 P.E. credits, and then whatever other electives for the four years that you select will be added up, and must be 28 among all classes completed.

Graduation Requirements at FHS.

“I would love to take TAP 3 (teaching as a profession 3). I took both TAP 1 and TAP 2. Sadly, this year due to COVID, we weren’t allowed to go visit the intermediate school, so I am really looking forward to actually being able to be in the class and assist,” sophomore Kaitlyn Hall said.

It’s always keen to keep the future in mind when selecting classes. For example, if you have an interest in journalism, then it would only make sense to take a journalism class to test out if you are genuinely engrossed in that type of work.  

For instance, Hall is very set on becoming a teacher. She is trying to do everything she can to prepare and see that it is what she wants to happen. 

Keep in mind that the schedule request sheet is due March 5th! So make your choices wisely and if you need to make a schedule change once the schedule comes out, send an email to your guidance counselor and make an appointment to change it, or fill out a Google form to have it changed. 

Mr. Michel, Sophomore guidance counselor.