Upcoming March Madness


As March Madness is right around the corner, who is considered the overall favorite?  The bracket is coming out soon, and people are already making predictions.  

With the number one team in the nation being Gonzaga, it’s quite obvious who the favorite is. 

“I think you have to go with Gonzaga…I think they’re not the most talented but definitely the most well rounded, they play together, play good defense, they’re super efficient offensively and then I think the only thing that would be stopping them is that their conference isn’t that strong and not having played as tough competition prior to the tournament could hinder them, but they’ve played pretty far in the past so I think they’ve figured out how to make it,” Farragut High School counselor James Michel stated.  

“Gonzaga, really because offense is amazing, they’re the number 1 team in the nation, undefeated, and I think they’ll carry that to the tournament, ”as Sophomore at Farragut High School Chandler Tanner agreed with him.

As those 2 have picked the top team in the nation, it also goes for most of the college basketball fanbase. Some fans will be biased and say their team will win no matter what, but these 2 have answered honestly and with good reason.

“I think Baylor will win, they’ve got the best team play, the best passing, amazing defense and good depth. I think they have the best all around team and will win the NCAA championship,” sophomore Brendan Wolburg said.

As he picks the number 2 team in the nation, many people probably agree with him.

As the tournament gets closer and closer, we’ll see upsets and good games until we have a clear victor.