How Fake is Bachelor Nation?



Cast of season 15 of ¨The Bachelorette¨

As a fan of the Bachelor and Bachelorette franchise, there are a few things that have become noticeably different as the seasons have progressed. This is a reality show normally filmed at the Bachelor mansion in Los Angeles and after the first few weeks filming, the cast and the crew will then make multiple trips around the world during the season. Due to COVID-19, they have had to make a lot of changes and traveling is one thing that they have been prevented from doing this year. This means that the contestants are essentially looking for love in quarantine where they will set up dates for them around the property of where they are staying. Over the years, there has been only a few long lasting relationships that have come from it as well as some controversy.

Cast of season 25 of “The Bachelor”

The show first debuted in March of 2002 on the ABC network and has been a fan favorite for years. So what makes this show interesting? Some people might say it’s because it’s a love story, but secretly everyone loves the drama. Whether it is a bunch of men fighting for one woman, or a bunch of women fighting for one man, you can always expect a cat fight. Obviously you would think this would happen seeing as a bunch of people are dating one person and are forced to live in the house together. How much of this drama is real? Is the show scripted? Do the producers decide which men or women stay or go? 

During the current season of the Bachelor with Matt James, I found a few things very suspicious while watching one recent plot twist in the show with women Anna Redman and Brittany Galvin, when Anna spread a rumor that Brittany was an escort.

When Matt confronts her, she apologizes for her actions and makes the claims, “Before even coming here I received messages about another girl who’d also be here and then when she did show up, the worst thing I could say was said and immediately I felt horrible about it.”

You might ask why this is significant? If you are like me and have been keeping up with the show, you would know that Brittany was not one of the original women who walked out the limo on the pilot episode of the show. She was a new edition along with a few other women introduced to shake up the show after many of the girls were accused of bullying another one of the women, Sarah Trott, off the show. This came to the surprise of many and this caused another bullying scandal with the new girls and the original girls. One thing that no one is questioning is why were so many of the women so astonished and surprised when they showed up when Anna already exposed that she knew of this girl prior to filming.

All I’m saying is that some things in the show do not add up. Most of the people who have been on this show only last a few months to a year until the inevitable breakup all over the tabloids explodes on the internet. I think it’s fake, and from what I have seen, every season consists of a villain and these women and men survive for a lengthy amount of time before they are sent home crying. If you look and see how many couples, after 25 seasons of this show, have been successful in finding love, it will only be a 17% success rate. So if finding love on this show has this low of odds, this is the last place I would be looking to find love.