Dunkin’ vs. Starbucks

From Fox Business.

Many Americans across the USA start their day off with a cup of coffee. While some choose to make other coffee at home, others choose to buy theirs instead. Starbucks is a large corporation that sells coffees and many teas. Many people choose to buy from Starbucks due to the wide variety and possible the popularity the brand has. Dunkin’ is a coffee and donut shop with pastries and some teas. Most people like this brand because it’s better quality at an even better price. Both of these brands are good for many reasons, but when it comes to your personal preferences, it can be quite difficult to decide between the two. 

At Starbucks a medium sized iced caramel coffee is priced at four dollars and forty-five cents, while at Dunkin’ the price is two dollars and forty-nine cents, which is obviously a big difference.

Even with the price differences, most people claim they can’t tell a difference. Some even prefer Dunkin’ which was the cheaper option. 

“In my personal opinion, I think Dunkin’s coffees are better with price and taste better,” says Natalie Swarzc.

Swarzc has been drinking Starbucks for as long as she could remember, but has since changed her preference to Dunkin’. She had tried Starbucks because she had heard of it more often due to the names popularity, but the cheap price with even better quality sounds like a win win situation. Many others agree with Swarzc’s opinion. 

“Their Iced Coffee is pretty amazing,” says Hunter Platt.

Being a regular Customer at Dunkin’, Platt also agrees with Swarzc’s statement.

With all this being said Starbucks is also a Wonderful choice for many People.

“Starbucks has more drink options, and it has alternative choices for people like me with a food allergy that Dunkin’ does not,” says Brooke Hilton.

Since she was nine years old Hilton has been Gluten Free and it has made it hard to eat at many places, but with all the options Starbucks has to offer, Hilton feels safe and comfortable in making a decision to get her coffee from there. There are others who simply prefer Starbucks due to the wide variety.

“Dunkin’ doesn’t have pink drinks,” says Addison Pressley.

Pressley doesn’t drink coffee, she prefers refreshing drinks instead. Starbucks is a good choice for her because Starbucks has at Least 80,000 drink combinations.

It comes down to personal preference, if you like variety or if you like cheap with the same quality.