Farragut’s Love Kitchen Can Drive 2021

Farraguts Love Kitchen Can Drive 2021
Seniors Wyatt Tunstall and Wyatt Margulies in the Love Kitchen can suit.


Seniors Anna Cales and Ashleigh Nicholson inside the Love Kitchen can suit.

The Love Kitchen is a local organization that provides aid to the homeless and unemployed of Knoxville, TN. The Love Kitchen is a faith-based program started 35 years ago at a small church; today, they provide supplies like clothing, emergency packages, and over 150,000 meals per year to those struggling within the Knoxville community. 

The Farragut High School can drive, run by the Student Government Association (SGA), is an annual event on the Farragut calendar. Farragut has been involved with the Love Kitchen for eight years. The goal of the can drive is to collect as many cans as possible to help provide food for as many people as possible. The can drive also helps to build a stronger sense of community throughout the school and the town, especially this year, in the midst of a global pandemic. The food and money students donate to the can drive will be used to cook meals for anyone that is hungry or in need of a hot meal within the Knoxville community. 

Farragut High School’s annual can drive ends this week on Friday, March 5, but there’s still time to donate. Students can bring in canned foods such as green beans, boxes of mac and cheese, boxes of ramen (remember, two ramen packages are equivalent to one can), or any other non-perishable goods. Students can also bring in money to donate to the can drive, rather than actual canned goods. One dollar is equivalent to two cans, and students can give cash or checks to their first block teacher. If students decide to donate through a check, be sure to make the check out to “Farragut High Schools Student Government”, and label the memo line “The Love Kitchen”. This year, SGA is offering a new virtual option to donate as well. To learn more or donate to the Love Kitchen can drive virtually, visit https://givebutter.com/fhssga

The 1st block class that donates the most cans per person wins a free Chick-fil-a breakfast. Students still have a few more days to donate, so bring in cans or donate money to win! 

Senior and SGA president, Audrey Richards, has been heavily involved in the can drive this year. Featured in almost every Farragut Friday, Richards has been a huge advocate for the can drive this year. 

Richards stated, “Each year I am in awe of how the Farragut community comes together to help our community fight hunger.”

Richards also stated that the can drive continues to teach her the importance of giving back. 

Senior and SGA representative, Grace Morgan, is also heavily involved in the can drive this year. 

She said, “My role, specifically, is to help transport the canned goods to the Love Kitchen this Friday, as well as help to arrange the cans at the donation site.”

Morgan stated that the can drive has also helped shape her over the years, and has taught her a lot about her community, and the kind of person she wants to be. 

“To know the food that was donated was so appreciated by the recipients, and to see how much joy it brought them made me realize how important it is to step outside of myself, and truly try to understand the hardships of others,” said Morgan. 

People often neglect the struggles of people throughout the community, but the Love Kitchen can drive displays how, as a community, people can come together to help others and benefit the community greatly. Throughout the years, Farragut High School students have come together to help the citizens of their community, and will continue to do so for years to come through the Love Kitchen. 


Some information found at https://thelovekitchen.org/ 

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