Homework, How Necessary Is it?


Students have so much homework to juggle.

Many people believe homework is very controversial. It is said that there are both benefits and negative sides to homework. One negative is when teachers pile on homework and make it impossible to complete before the deadline. Also, lots of teachers forget and don’t take into account that not only do we have to do homework for their class, but other classes as well.

Students get very overwhelmed with their giant pile of homework.

I received some students’ thoughts and perspective on the matter of homework. Among all, there was an agreement. Many said that homework is an extra step to get a better grasp on the subject.

“No, I am not in favor of homework. I believe that homework is only really helpful to have a better understanding of the lesson if you need extra practice,” said sophomore Sebastian Coastles. 

Sophomore Lexi Howard agreed with Coastles, on the fact that homework can be useful in a sense, but overall it can be overwhelming. 

“I think sometimes homework can be good, but there is a difference between beneficial homework and unnecessary busy work. I feel like sometimes they just give way too much and they never end up grading it,” Howard expressed. 

Personally, I am not the biggest fan of homework, it can physically and mentally strain yourself. Lots of students get so hard on themselves and have to put a pin in their social lives just to have enough time to complete all their homework. Sometimes the time set aside for homework isn’t sufficient and doesn’t allow them to finish all of it. That being said, I have had to stay up to around 1 AM to tackle all of my own homework. Since staying up for so long, it makes my performance in school the following day not as adequate. 

I’m not the only one who experiences the struggle, sophomore Kaitlyn Hall does as well. 

“I am a person who requires 9 hours of full sleep to function normally on a school day. Having so much homework, I have to stay up late to study and do homework. So the next day I am very tired and can’t execute my best fulfilment in school, which is a really big problem,” Hall voiced. 

Hall and I amongst many other students have to deal with this problem of staying up. It isn’t a once a week thing either, it occurs very often. It is an endless cycle. 

Students are likely to fall asleep doing work due to lack of sleep the previous night.

Perhaps, teachers could try their hardest to be reasonable and not assign so much homework making it easier for students to know what’s going on and also receiving a suitable amount of sleep.