International Women’s Day, More Important Then It Seems!


Vector feminist illustration. Girl power poster. International womens day.

Not quite sure if you were aware, but a special holiday took place yesterday, International Women’s Day. Not only is this holiday very important around the world, but it’s not a silly holiday like National Cheese Lovers Day. Not that people don’t love cheese, but there is such a bigger meaning behind this holiday. 

Some background information of the holiday was voiced by many different news outlets and sites.

“Women’s Day was observed for the first time in 1911. Two years later, in 1913, the date was changed to March 8, and it continues to be celebrated as such every year,” The Indian Express stated. 

“The concept of a “woman’s day” caught on in Europe. On March 19, 1911 (the 40th anniversary of the Paris Commune, a radical socialist government that briefly ruled France in 1871), the first International Woman’s Day was held, drawing more than 1 million people to rallies worldwide. With the outbreak of World War I in 1914, most attempts at social reform ground to a halt, but women continued to march and demonstrate on International Women’s Day”, mentioned. 

“It’s a massive holiday around the world. More than 25 countries mark it as an official holiday, and it’s an unofficial holiday in at least a dozen more. It’s a very diverse group of countries, from Brazil to Afghanistan to Nepal. Women get gifts and flowers, and there are parades and protests,” Penn Today announced. 

one of the protests about women’s rights.

“I obviously think International Women’s Day is to celebrate women, but besides that I am 100% for this holiday. When you think about it, it really hasn’t been too long since women obtained rights. I think that it is really important to have this day where we commemorate the progress in society”, Lily Hollis commented. 

Hollis along with Penn Today had the same thoughts on the holiday. 

“One of the things we need to do is to understand that International Women’s Day isn’t just about celebrating women by giving flowers, which is nice, but it’s also about rectifying some of these terrible gender imbalances and alleviating the unpaid labor women do in the home by connecting the day to activism”, Penn Today voiced as well. 

It is well known that women had a very big struggle. They were only thought to be people who cooked and cleaned. No one realized the true value of women, they were “taken advantage of” and treated with less respect. In men’s eyes especially they had very little worth.

A lot has changed over the years thankfully. Women are held at a much higher standard and are employed with high respected jobs. Some being Doctors, Lawyers, and Politicians. This year (2021) we have our first woman vice president, Kamala Harris. It is a stepping stone in woman history. Make sure to take account of all that women have done in the past, to make our future better and brighter!

Kamala Harris, speaking for a crowd.