How To Deal With Stress Of Midterms

A student stressed out. Image from

A student stressed out. Image from

It is finally midterms week, and there are multiple ways they could have a great affect on your grades. Many students stress themselves out because they don’t want their midterms to have a negative impact on their final grade for the first quarter of school. There are many ways to deal with the stress through different activities from cooking food to listening to a podcast. 

Midterm grades will be counted as a regular test grade, but it will also replace your lowest test grade; this could have a positive effect on your final grade for the first quarter. The midterm provides students with an accurate representation of how well they are doing in class and it shows if they need to improve in the classroom. Fortunately, if you are not content with your current grade if you do good your midterm, your grade will be increased drastically. 

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‘‘I’m worried a little bit because I don’t want it to have a negative effect on my grade,’’ said Elisha Brabson, a junior at Farragut High School.

Many high school students are getting more concerned about their grade as midterms get close, but there are many ways to deal with the stress and worries of the midterm. 

There are numerous activities you can do to lower the stress level of midterms. Exercising and getting outdoors can help. Exercising is known to boost your mood and it can also help to make you more productive. While you study take regular breaks and break each study session into small tasks and work on one at a time.

‘‘I like to get a lot of sleep,’’ said Daniel Williams, a sophomore at Farragut High School.

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Eating a well balanced diet, a lot of fruit, vegetables, cereals, and grains are all good for the brain and energy levels to stay focused prior to taking a big test. There are countless activities and different ways to help students deal with midterms and how to approach them to have a positive affect on their grades.