Pennzoil 400 Victory

This race took place in the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. The Pennzoil 400 consists of 400 miles for the only exception being in 2009 when it was 427 miles. Pennzoil’s first race was in 1998 with a winner race time of 2:43:58, and its most wins by one racer is four wins by Jimmie Johnson with a best time of 2:49:53. This Pennzoil 400 has been a famous race track since 1998 and so far the Motorsport speedway estimates 12,500 fans will attend the Pennzoil 400 presented by Jiffy Lube. That number represents the seating as well as the people paying for the clubs.

This will be his first NASCAR win after being suspended for saying a racial slur. His struggle was that he didn’t know if he could race again in NASCAR and if he was allowed to race he didn’t know who would wan’t to hire him. Rick Hendrick the owner of  Hendrick Motorsports gave him a second chance to redeem himself, and after NASCAR said his suspension would lift in the year 2021 Hendrick hired him as an official racer. In the race of Pennzoil 400 race Kyle Larson won the race with 50 points. Kyle Larson also known as Yung Money is a part of the Chevrolet Motorsport and their team overall got 34th place. Kyle Larson drives the Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 1LE and before racing in NASCAR he used to do dirt track racing winning the chili bowl nationals in 2020 and in 2021. This race was a big turning point in his career and we will be seeing more of him in these coming years.